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Smart Microgrid Solutions

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Wenli New Energy Technology has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry for many years. In light of market demand, it has launched a smart microgrid based on photovoltaic power generation + energy storage, which can easily access diesel generators, wind power and other types of energy. Can run off-grid. Qingyuan Technology can provide one-stop EPC services, which can effectively solve the problem of power consumption in areas with poor grid quality or in areas without electricity.

Wenli Intelligent Microgrid System is composed of battery pack, battery management system, bidirectional converter system, central control system, temperature control system, fire fighting system, etc. The central control system is the core of the entire system, and reasonable allocation and utilization of various energy in the system. At the same time, it also has a flexible control strategy, which can be set with different priorities to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply.

Advantages of Wenli Microgrid:

    1. Flexible system configuration

    2. Can provide integrated and customized solutions

    3. Support on-grid and off-grid operation modes, can achieve seamless switching

    4. Modular design, easy expansion

    5. High energy density, small footprint

    6. Short construction period and strong environmental adaptability

    7. Product optimization design, high system conversion efficiency and black start function

    8. Automated remote monitoring

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