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The Sun Can Generate System

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Wenli New Energy Solar Power System has integrated photovoltaic system integration products. The products include high-quality solar modules, photovoltaic inverters, junction boxes, intelligent monitoring systems, photovoltaic brackets and other products. The system has achieved overall configuration and stable operation. Efficient.

The household system does not occupy land, so that the roof becomes a small clean power generation station, which not only saves electricity expenditure, but also improves the insulation of the roof, and also obtains electricity sales income and additional government subsidies.


    1. Achieve "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online", the annual rate of return reached more than 15%.

    2. Qingyuan household solutions, whether it is flat roof, slope roof, color steel tile roof and special structure can meet the installation requirements.

    3. You can choose to install it on your own roof, without affecting the residential space, but also to beautify the environment, warm in winter and cool in summer. It can also be installed in an empty courtyard without affecting the power generation effect.

    4. Not subject to resource distribution and geographical restrictions, the construction period is short, the construction is simple, the disassembly is flexible, and it can be replaced at any time for installation without affecting the appearance and power generation effect.

    5. Low maintenance cost, system life can reach more than 25 years.

    6. Green and clean, energy saving and environmental protection.

Wenli New Energy can provide diversified services for customers:

    1. Brand support: Wenli New Energy Technology has been in the photovoltaic industry for 10 years and has brand awareness.

    2. Technical support: Qingyuan Technology has a group of professional engineers who can provide face-to-face teaching of photovoltaic power generation practical technology.

    3. Engineering support: tailor-made for different engineering projects, according to the site survey situation and customer needs, provide comprehensive design services such as plan design and budget, profitability analysis, access plan design, on-site construction guidance, etc.

    4. After-sales support: The system sold by Qingyuan Technology provides 5-year warranty service, and on this basis, additional warranty services can also be provided.

    5. Propaganda support: Provide a full set of propaganda supplies, conduct multi-faceted propaganda in major media, and increase the popularity of partners.

    6. Marketing support: Provide sales skills training to assist partners in establishing sales channels.

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