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Industrial and commercial roof solutions

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One-time investment, long-term benefit

Wenli New Energy has professional experience in industrial and commercial rooftop solutions. The distributed photovoltaic power plants developed have low operating costs, low capital risks, and short payback periods. Combined with the available roof resources of the enterprise, it can improve energy efficiency, reduce production energy consumption costs, and obtain better economic and social benefits for both parties.

Safe and reliable

All components of the power station can meet the quality requirements of typhoon resistance, roof protection, and 25 years of operation, maintenance and reliable operation.

Efficient power plant operation and maintenance

Scientific operation and maintenance system, intelligent remote monitoring system, regional maintenance center, reduce labor costs.

Strong economic strength

In addition to its good financial strength, Qingyuan Yijie has also established a good credit relationship with financial institutions and cooperated with domestic and foreign investors with financial strength to invest together.

Strength partner

The company is supported by the high-quality photovoltaic support business and extends the industrial chain, and its partners are well-known photovoltaic companies. The company cooperates with high-quality and powerful partners to develop and construct photovoltaic power plants.

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