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Ground Power Station Solution

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Wenli New Energy Ground Power Station Solution is known for its high standards, excellent quality, and short construction period. It provides customers with one-stop turnkey engineering services including project consulting, design, system integration, operation and maintenance, etc., with professional knowledge and rich 'S experience escorts the project.

By creating "high-efficiency power generation, intelligent operation and maintenance, safe and reliable" ground power station solutions, optimize initial investment, reduce operation and maintenance costs, increase system power generation, and create value for power station holders and operating customers.

One-stop process service

Focusing on the location and development of photovoltaic projects, design optimization, component procurement, project management, etc., it is also responsible for optimizing financial structure, subsequent operation and maintenance, and improving power generation efficiency. It is a smooth and efficient "one-stop" turnkey project .

Reasonable technical solutions

According to different types of power plants, such as civil, industrial and commercial, ground power stations, intelligent microgrids, etc., through the selection of different inverters and grid-connected voltages, as well as the layout scheme of components and supports, the power generation efficiency of the power station is optimized and the cost of power station construction is reasonably controlled.

Detailed engineering services

In the process of project construction, do a series of basic work in a down-to-earth manner, such as site selection analysis, profitability analysis, cost optimization, benefit estimation, feasibility analysis, and document preparation related to project deliverables, such as specific work scope Payment schedule and construction arrangements.

Precise time control

Control the entire value chain from development, construction and financing to operation, optimize workflow and delivery time, as far as possible to ensure the cost-effectiveness of each link of the value chain and reduce solar energy costs. Improve project implementation efficiency and reduce project implementation costs for customers.

Intelligent operation and maintenance service

Implement systematic and intelligent operation and maintenance management. Adopt an efficient power station management system to track and manage the power station's weather, light, power generation, electricity bills, and fault information in a timely manner, and timely grasp the operation status of the power station in the terminal or app for instant communication of emergencies

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