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Photovoltaic power generation needs to be matched after being connected to the grid

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     "There are nearly 10GW of power generation components in the domestic photovoltaic market, and if it is installed, it can generate 100 million kWh every three days and does not require any fuel." Zhou Lang, Dean of the School of Photovoltaic of Nanchang University, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency recently. The state should issue relevant policies in a timely manner to encourage grid companies to provide grid-connected renewable energy to accelerate the launch of the domestic market and optimize the energy structure.

    It is understood that China's photovoltaic cell and module shipments exceed 50% of the world's total, but the installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants is less than 5% of the world. Affected by the European Debt Crisis and the U.S. Double Reversal, etc., the industry's voice for accelerating the launch of the domestic market is increasing. On August 1, 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a national unified photovoltaic on-grid electricity price policy, which is regarded as a positive industry. However, it has been a year since the power grid enterprises "had no responsibility and no incentive", and the progress of the on-grid tariff policy was "not ideal."

    Zhou Lang said that due to the instability of solar photovoltaic power generation due to changing radiation and weather, the grid system faces many additional investments in technology, equipment and management. This not only increases the management burden and security risks of power grid companies, but also reduces their electricity sales. Grid companies lack enthusiasm. To date, the various incentive policies and plans that have been introduced have in particular lacked corresponding support and incentives for grid companies.

    "If a photovoltaic power generation device is built on the roof of a supermarket, it is conservatively calculated that its service life is also 25 to 30 years, and the cost of power generation is about 0.7 yuan / kWh, and the price of civilian electricity in some areas has reached 1.5 yuan / Compared with the degree, it has full market competitiveness. "Zhou Lang said:" Although there is a viable market model, but because the excess power generation can not be sold on the grid, the domestic market still faces obstacles to start. "

    Wenli suggested that after the photovoltaic power generation is put on the "net", it is necessary to send a ride. It may consider subsidizing the grid enterprises according to the purchased renewable energy, and encourage grid enterprises to support the grid connection of renewable energy; at the same time, simplify the administrative approval procedures for the construction of various local microgrids and small power stations, and focus on supporting some demonstrations of rural photovoltaic power generation Projects, etc., to effectively accelerate the launch of the domestic market and develop clean new energy.

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