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Linkage Type Flat Single Axis Tracking Syste

Main technical parameters:
1. Unit installed capacity: 256-410kWp
2. Tracking angle: ± 45 °
3. Tracking accuracy: ± 2 °
4. Drive mode: Worm gear reducer
5. Maximum number of linked rows: 10-16 rows
6. Maximum wind speed: 35m / s
7. Material: Q235B

Applicable component type: Aluminum frame crystalline silicon components, double glass crystalline silicon components, thin film components

Applications: Mountain power station / desert power station / agricultural-optical complementary / fishing-optical complementary

Self-calibration of daily tracking angle of photovoltaic support
No lubrication of rotating parts
Use flexible linkage shaft, simple installation, high efficiency transmission
Set wind, heavy snow protection mode, multi-level limit protecti
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